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Wigs for Cancer patients - we ARE NOT the hair donation organization

Over the years we have received many, many calls regarding "I have hair to donate to your organization, how do I go about it?"  I realize our name is very similar, "Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service" and "Locks of Love", but WE ARE NOT the same.  We do not accept donated hair of any kind, nor do we make our own wigs.  All of our wigs are pre-made, by the most well known manufacturer's in the world.  I have tried to be very specific when wording my website or any advertisement that we are NOT the hair donation organization, nor are we affiliated with them in any way.

Wigs/Hair Extensions: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

It seems all to often women are being told that the wig they are purchasing is "real hair", or "human" hair. They may very well BE "human hair", but what perchantage is human hair, and what quality is the hair you are purchasing?
Just the other day at one of my wig consultations for a cancer client, I was shown a wig that the client recently purchased from a wig store in the Valley. The woman spoke in tears as she had spent $350.00 on a wig that was sold to her as "Human Hair".

What makes Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service a "Service"

"What Makes Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service a "Service"
and defination of Cost
Now more thanever, we value our hard earned money.  If you are faced with having to look into any type of hair replacement, such as a wig, you can end up with less hair once you begin to explore all that's out there. 
Here's a little common scenerio of what your first experience may be:
........Your first thought may be on-line, as you pull up the many thousands of wigs that appear within your search.

This CANNOT be a wig!

027Wigs are not what they use to be.  They're BETTER!!  Gone are the days of heavy, thick hot wigs.  At least at Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service.  I am very particular as to what manufacturer's will work for me.   I don't want our wigs or hair extensions to look anything like a wig. 
So many manufacturer's tend to put too much hair in to their wigs.  This gives that "wiggy" appearance we all can recognize at first glance.

"You Get What You Pay For" is so true with wig quality

I get asked all the time, "can you look at this wig I recently purchased?  It's human hair but has already started to frizz and shed."  Then I ask, "would you mind telling me what you paid for it"?  Most of the time they paid $200 to $300.  Let me tell you what they probably purchased for this amount. 

Anyone can tell you a wig is "human hair".  And for the most part it probably is.  The thing that they don't tell you is what percentage is actually human.
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